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What Are Common Money Issues Child Support Offices Struggle With?

Child support is an obligation under which one of the partners having a better financial condition is liable to pay a fixed amount of money every month to another partner after a divorce. This money is to be used for their child’s upbringing and taking care of expenses like education, clothes, medical, etc. 

The office of Child Support Enforcement or OCSE, a government department, looks after the child support program and makes necessary arrangements to make things fall in line. 

Money Issues In Child Support Programs:

At the time of the divorce, the judge clarifies that the earning member of the family (the male member in most cases) will have to bear child support money every month for a fixed term. If he disagrees to do that in the future for any reason, he may lose his driver’s license, his tax returns can be seized, his credit facility takes a dive, or he may be sent to prison. 

While these are serious charges and can force anyone to pay child support payments without fail, many earning partners refuse to comply with court orders. They claim that their financial situation has worsened, job lost, or business shut down after the divorce, so they are not in a condition to make the child support payments anymore. 

Each year, many earning members make such claims, after which the OCSE has to get involved and see what can be done for the affected party. Unfortunately, legal processes take time to get results, which most single mothers with unstable income don’t have. 

If you can relate with this scenario and believe that your partner has stopped sending child support payments midway, you need to have a word with any legal representative of and see what options you have to legally force him to resume payments. The sooner you do it, the easier it will become for you to manage your finances in a hassle-free way. So, don’t waste any time trying random options. Talk to an expert lawyer today for instant help.

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