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Can Parents Be Held Liable For Accident Caused By A Teenager?

If you ever meet with an accident due to someone else’s fault, be it a drug overdose, alcohol consumption, speeding, or distracted driving — you can easily drag them to court and sue them for their mistake.

But what if the driver in the other vehicle is a teenager? How can you deal with a situation like this?

This post talks about various steps you can take in case the person responsible for your injuries and property damage is a teenager.

Parental Liability For Teenage Driver’s Fault:

It’s exciting for teenagers when they get to drive a car for the first time. It gives them a sense of freedom not known before and a glimpse of how much they missed out all these years.

One thing that most teenagers forget while enjoying this phase is the amount of responsibility they have towards themselves as well as others on the road. During this period, many of them try to drive fast and break traffic rules. As a result, they cause accidents that could have been avoided. In such a situation, their parents must be held liable for their mistakes.

According to Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers, if teenage drivers get into an accident while doing something that their parents asked, the affected party can drag the teen’s parents to the court and ask them to reimburse for all the medical bills and car repair cost. Even if the parents are not directly involved in this matter and haven’t asked a teenage driver in their family to take their vehicle out, they can still be held liable.

As a parent, you have two options to deal with this situation and save yourself from unnecessary troubles. The first option is to sit with your teenage drivers and discuss the importance of safe driving with them. You may not control how they drive, but you can at least try to influence their driving behavior by offering the right advice.

Another option is to buy a separate auto insurance policy for them so that in the event of an accident, you don’t have to face unnecessary legal issues. You can go for any of them for safety purposes, but if you want a smooth and hassle-free experience, then exercise both these options without any further delay.

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