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5 Steps to Take When an Accident is Not Your Fault

You just got into a car accident. The other driver was clearly at fault, and you were able to get their license plate number. You know that there will be some hassle with insurance and the police report, but what are the next steps you should take? This blog post will talk about five steps to take after an accident where it is not your fault!

1) Call A Tow Truck:

If the car needs to be towed, call a tow truck or take your car over to the nearest service station yourself and have them do it for you. Don’t just leave it on the side of the road!

2) Get The Police Report:

File a police report to document what happened and make sure you get any information that may be important later, such as driver’s license plate numbers, other drivers’ insurance info, or contact details for witnesses.

If another person is injured, call 911 immediately, but if there are no injuries, then it can wait until tomorrow morning when the police station opens.

If the accident causes property damage, get in contact with your auto insurance company and file a report as soon as possible so they can send out an adjuster.

3) Take Pictures of The Damage:

Take photos or videos to document any visible property damages, as well as injuries that may not be immediately apparent. You can use your phone’s camera for this and upload it to social media like Twitter or Facebook so others can see what happened too!

4) Contact Your Own Insurance Company:

It doesn’t matter who’s fault the accident is; you are protected and covered under your car insurance policy! Check with them to see what they recommend you do next and how much it will cost. Some policies have a set rate for this kind of thing, but others may require a deductible first before any work can begin.

5) Consult With A Lawyer:

If you need legal advice, consult a personal injury attorney like SHW Law as soon as possible to see what your options are and how much it would cost. They can help answer any questions or concerns that may come up later on!

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